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 “I have been very pleased with the work of Dialect. I would recommend them because of how easy it is to work with them, and because their quality is consistently very high.”

Director of Marketing
Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

“Dialect has gone to unbelievable efforts to meet our deadlines, to adjust to our changing needs, and to educate us on things we would never have thought to look at.”

Catherine Tyler
Localization Manager
Tahitian Noni International

“I am a raving fan of Dialect for many reasons, but I believe it comes down to the feeling you get that they really know you and your business, and that they have your company’s needs at heart.”

Bruce Gunther
Vice President of Business Development Bank of American Fork, Utah



True localization is the synergy between thoughtful graphic design, foreign language typesetting, high-quality translations, and cultural sensitivity.

Thoughtful Graphic Design
The design of a piece intended for an international audience should be carefully thought out, without assumptions normally allowed in design intended for a single culture. Often, international design is very bland to avoid giving offense or is just an “American” piece in a different language. Either way, the piece is prevented from being as effective as it could be, with thought given to how a piece could be adapted for a particular audience.

Foreign Language Typesetting
Dilaect has the technology and expertise to typeset in virtually any language–across the globe. We take your English design and typeset the target language so that it relates the same message without compromising the original design.

Our native-speaking, professional translators most often live and work in their native country providing you with idiomatic and culturally-fluent translations. As a part of our translation service, in-country professionals can review translations for their cultural suitability

Cultural Sensitivity
Careful design is part of cultural sensitivity; beyond the translation of the text into the target language, a multitude of standards and cultural norms are taken into consideration, such as the meaning of icons and images, interpretation of metaphors and colloquial phrases, time/date displays, measurement systems, numbers and currency—everything possible to help the piece to feel native to its intended audience. Dialect also takes advantage of collaborating with professionals in the destination market, who evaluate the text and design of a piece to ensure that it resonates with its audience.

Our standard Localization process will:

1. Start with an existing marketing project – anything from a simple brochure, advertisement, web site, video presentation, multimedia on up to an entire marketing campaign.

2. Translate the text into nearly any language with native professional translators experienced in the required industry.

3. Typeset the foreign language text, adapt audio, or translate imagery using the original interactive or press-ready files to produce a piece that meets the needs of local audiences while maintaining the branding and design characteristics of the original.

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